The New York Jets hired Adam Gase to be their next head coach. To put it mildly, the early returns on the move are not positive.

This includes on Wikipedia. Shortly after the move was announced, one person voiced his/her displeasure on Gase’s page — saying that “the Jets have become the new Cleveland Browns.”

Not to be outdone, another fan, who clearly was hoping for someone else, edited Gase’s Jets tenure as “the death of the team, when Chris Johnson decided to hire Gase and not Mike McCarthy.”

Tell us how you really feel, Wikipedia.

Amazingly, there is some silver lining for Gase here. He will not need to do much to exceed expectations. One fan compared the Jets to a team that recently went 1-31 over a two-year stretch. Another said that the franchise is now dead.

Those are some low hurdles to clear.

Michael Dixon
Bay Area born and raised, I have extensive experience in both the print and online worlds. There are few things in this world I love doing more than talking sports.