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9Loser: This has to be it for Doug Marrone, right?

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Heading into Week 14 it sure looked like Marrone had lost his team. Sure Jacksonville was coming off a 6-0 win over Indianapolis. But that was the team’s first win since all the way back in late September. Since then, everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. Blake Bortles was benched for Cody Kessler. Leonard Fournette found himself suspended for fighting. Jalen Ramsey continued to make the organization look bad. It led to front office head Tom Coughlin calling the Jags out in a big way.

Nothing we saw Thursday night in Nashville against an average Titans team changed this narrative. Jacksonville’s offense was stuck in the mud. Its defense gave up way too many explosive plays for the talent it possesses. The end result being a 30-9 drubbing on national television. At this point, we wouldn’t be surprised if Marrone were fired before the weekend. Fans are certainly asking for it.