Five NFL head coaches next on the chopping block

3Doug Marrone, Jacksonville Jaguars

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps no team has been a greater disappointment this year around the league than the Jacksonville Jaguars. This was a team that appeared to be destined for greatness. A team that many expected to take that next step from contender to legitimate championship caliber.

Things have not gone according to plan. Blake Bortles, who never should have been extended in the first place, is no longer the starting quarterback. The offense is a stagnant mess. The vaunted defense has been a punching bag for much of the year, making Rex Ryan look like a very smart man.

Even worse, Quinn seems to have lost control of his locker room — London being a prime example of a team that’s not focused on football whatsoever. If the Jags are ever going to take advantage of all the talent on this roster, it appears Marrone isn’t the guy to make it happen.