The backfield tandem of Derek Carr and Marshawn Lynch played one series in the Oakland Raiders’ preseason opener against the Detroit Lions Friday evening.

Said series was headlined by Lynch breaking off a 60-yard touchdown run, only to see it called back due to a hold by rookie left tackle Kolton Miller (watch here).

It doesn’t seem that the always hilarious Lynch was too shook up over having his touchdown called back in a meaningless game. Instead, he was out there absolutely trolling Carr during an in-game interview.

“Derek’s interview was not very exciting,” Lynch said. “He’s a much better and more exciting person away from you guys.”

First off, Lynch talking to the media should be seen as a sign of the end of days. Secondly, he’s not wrong. That was an atrocious and boring interview. Both Carr and the dude tasked with asking him questions should be embarrassed. Okay, maybe not.

Whatever, it’s the preseason and Lynch is already in mid-season form.