Boris Diaw played 14 somewhat unassuming seasons in the NBA with a total of five clubs. Considered a top-notch defender, he won an NBA championship with the San Antonio Spurs and was a widely respected player during his time.

None of this compares to Diaw’s most recent post-NBA venture. According to the French website Var-Matin (h/t News 4 in San Antonio), Diaw has joined the French Marines as a reservist.

It’s a pretty crazy story, one that will not lead to Diaw seeing combat action in the military.

“He can bring us his experience of high level in the management of men, and the unit a commitment in different forms,” the unit’s commander said of Diaw. “We defend the same flag on the floors and in operation!”

For his part, Diaw himself seems to be truly excited about this opportunity.

“I am on the reserve, so I will not participate in the operations. I do not have the skills! I will give my time and communicate about the activities of the marines,” Diaw noted. “But also go into observation, discover the different facets of this unit, its various tasks, such as the fight against narco-traffickers.”

A native of France, Diaw was born in Cormeilles-en-Parisis. Prior to joining the NBA, he earned the French League MVP back in 2003 and has had a strong relationship with his home country. This is obviously the latest example of that.

Well done, Boris.