The Boston Celtics used a strong third quarter, outscoring the Cleveland Cavaliers by 14 points, to take a 2-0 lead in the Eastern Conference Finals Tuesday night. In the end, the Celtics ran away with the game, winning 107-94.

Guard Terry Rozier was tremendous for the home team, as was Jaylen Brown.

LeBron James came out with an incredible first quarter, scoring 21 of his team’s 27 points to spark an early lead for the Cavs. He cooled off in the second quarter, however, and a blow to the jaw which took him out of the game for a short while seemed to really put a damper on his game and demeanor for a long stretch in the game.

In the end, James still had an incredible overall showing, going for 42 points, 10 rebounds and 12 assists for a triple-double.

As we saw all throughout the first round, James didn’t get much help from his teammates. In particular, J.R. Smith was utterly useless, and he ended up absolutely embarrassing himself and his teammates with an egregious flagrant foul on Al Horford with under four minutes to play.

Smith also got an earful from the crowd in Boston, which peppered him with an obscene chant for quite some time.

Now the Cavaliers are tasked with the difficult job of coming back and winning four out of the next five games if they hope to advance to the NBA Finals for the fourth straight year.

Based on the Twitter reactions out there, most fans aren’t optimistic about that prospect.

As the folks on Twitter buried the Cavs’ chances of coming back in this series, many turned their thoughts to where James will end up next. He’s going to be the hottest free agent on the market and will have his pick of suitors.