The ping-pong balls bounced in the Phoenix Suns’ favor Tuesday night, giving the franchise the No. 1 overall selection in the 2018 NBA draft. Everything went swimmingly in that back room, but the NBA was prepared for a machine malfunction.

ESPN’s Zach Lowe shared what the league would do if the machine tossing the ping-pong balls couldn’t be used.

“If the machine in which the balls bounce breaks down, the NBA has a contingency: dump all 14 balls into a basketball with a hole cut out of the top. A league official closes that hole, shakes the basketball, opens it up, and picks out the balls. The league has not had to use said contingency.”

Is that not a glorious backup plan?

The multi-billion-dollar league doesn’t have a backup machine for a hugely important, potential franchise-changing event. No, the NBA would immediately resort to dumping ping-pong balls into a basketball.

Fortunately, that wasn’t necessary Tuesday, and the Suns — for the first time in their history — will hold the draft’s top selection.

But now we’re kind of hoping for a malfunction in the future. Break out the Spalding, and let’s get this lottery done!