Mike Leach

Mike Leach has recently been in discussions with the University of Tennessee to become its next head coach. Meanwhile, he’s restricting the transfer options of receiver Isaiah Johsnon-Mack, who sees something inherently wrong with the double-standard.

Earlier this week, Johnson-Mack announced his decision to transfer so that he could be closer to home. He has two children, so this makes a ton of sense.

On Saturday, Johnson-Mack revealed his dismay that Leach is restricting his options in a tweet that has since been deleted. Thanks to the Internet, however, his message lives on.

It’s hard to find fault with Johnson-Mack’s logic here. Players usually have to sit out a year if they want to transfer. They also don’t get paid. Yet coaches can switch allegiances at the drop of a hat, get massive buyouts in the process and leave their players with more questions than answers sometimes.

The rules are absolutely asinine in this regard. Hopefully they change at some point. Though, we’re not holding our breath.

Johnson-Mack caught 60 passes for 555 yards and five touchdowns this past season for the Cougars. As a freshman, he made 35 catches for 246 yards and a touchdown last year.