The Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team got its butt kicked in epic fashion Saturday night by the Miami Hurricanes, 41-8. While that game was still in process, some (we assume) drunk Notre Dame fans took their school’s name a little too much to heart and got into it with Miami fans.

Predictably, as we’ve seen all to often in these cases, words weren’t enough to settle the score. So they reverted to hand-to-hand combat to settle their differences.

It’s pretty clear here, looking back at the tape, that the Notre Dame fans came out ahead in this fracas. In particular, the poor kid with longer hair wearing the bright orange shirt was hit so hard he was felled like a tree. Credit goes to him that he popped right back up to jump back into the fray.

According to the Miami New Times, no arrests were made here and no complaints were filed. So apparently it appears the fight was all settled in the end with minimal damage to the affected parties.