Carolina Panthers offensive tackle Matt Kalil owns a restaurant called Pieology Pizza in Maple Grove, Minn. The former Minnesota Vikings player has been charged as the responsible party after this restaurant was busted serving alcohol to a minor, per Paul Walsh of the Star Tribune.

Even though Kalil was nowhere near the restaurant when the infraction occurred, he’s being held responsible for it. He’s been summoned to appear in court on Dec. 15 for arraignment, per the report. Per the charging document, a 17-year-old employee served beer to a 19-year-old customer on Oct. 26.

That’s when a police officer reportedly “intervened, confiscated the beer and called the general manager and told her of the illegal sale.”

The general manager of the restaurant said the employee hadn’t been properly trained.

“In order to charge the proper person,” the court filing continued, the officer determined that Kalil was the owner and is “the defendant” responsible for the sale.

Kalil and the Panthers are currently preparing for a Monday night battle against the Miami Dolphins at home.