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Our expert competition continues on into its 10th week. Yours truly is out to a growing lead. Rachel Wold is scorching-hot, however, she’ll have to keep that pace for the rest of the way to have a chance at winning. Here are Sportsnaut’s expert NFL picks for Week 10.

Seahawks at Cardinals

Michael Dixon: Cardinals +6

Rachel Wold: Seahawks -6

David Kenyon: Seahawks -6

Jesse Reed: Seahawks -6

Vincent Frank: Seahawks -6

Ethan Sears: Seahawks -6

Vikings at Redskins

Michael Dixon: Vikings -1

Rachel Wold: Redskins +1

David Kenyon: Vikings -1

Jesse Reed: Vikings -1

Vincent Frank: Redskins +1

Ethan Sears: Redskins +1

Packers at Bears

Michael Dixon: Packers +5.5

Rachel Wold: Bears -5.5

David Kenyon: Packers +5.5

Jesse Reed: Packers +5.5

Vincent Frank: Bears -5.5

Ethan Sears: Bears -5.5

Steelers at Colts

Michael Dixon: Steelers -10

Rachel Wold: Steelers -10

David Kenyon: Colts +10

Jesse Reed: Colts +10

Vincent Frank: Steelers -10

Ethan Sears: Steelers -10

Chargers at Jaguars

Michael Dixon: Jaguars -3.5

Rachel Wold: Jaguars -3.5

David Kenyon: Chargers +3.5

Jesse Reed: Jaguars -3.5

Vincent Frank: Jaguars -3.5

Ethan Sears: Jaguars -3.5

Jets at Buccaneers

Michael Dixon: Jets -2.5

Rachel Wold: Jets -2.5

David Kenyon: Jets -2.5

Jesse Reed: Jets -2.5

Vincent Frank: Jets -2.5

Ethan Sears: Buccaneers +2.5

Bengals at Titans

Michael Dixon: Bengals +4.5

Rachel Wold: Titans -4.5

David Kenyon: Bengals +4.5

Jesse Reed: Bengals +4.5

Vincent Frank: Titans -4.5

Ethan Sears: Titans -4.5

Saints at Bills

Michael Dixon: Bills +3

Rachel Wold: Saints -3

David Kenyon: Bills +3

Jesse Reed: Bills +3

Vincent Frank: Saints -3

Ethan Sears: Bills +3

Browns at Lions

Michael Dixon: Lions -12

Rachel Wold: Lions -12

David Kenyon: Browns +12

Jesse Reed: Browns +12

Vincent Frank: Lions -12

Ethan Sears: Lions -12

Texans at Rams

Michael Dixon: Rams -12

Rachel Wold: Rams -12

David Kenyon: Rams -12

Jesse Reed: Texans +12

Vincent Frank: Rams -12

Ethan Sears: Rams -12

Cowboys at Falcons

Michael Dixon: Cowboys +3

Rachel Wold: Cowboys +3

David Kenyon: Falcons -3

Jesse Reed: Cowboys +3

Vincent Frank: Cowboys +3

Ethan Sears: Cowboys +3

Giants at 49ers

Michael Dixon: 49ers +2.5

Rachel Wold: Giants -2.5

David Kenyon: 49ers +2.5

Jesse Reed: 49ers +2.5

Vincent Frank: 49ers +2.5

Ethan Sears: 49ers +2.5

Patriots at Broncos

Michael Dixon: Patriots -7.5

Rachel Wold: Patriots -7.5

David Kenyon: Broncos +7.5

Jesse Reed: Patriots -7.5

Vincent Frank: Patriots -7.5

Ethan Sears: Patriots -7.5

Dolphins at Panthers

Michael Dixon: Dolphins +9

Rachel Wold: Dolphins +9

David Kenyon: Panthers -9

Jesse Reed: Dolphins +9

Vincent Frank: Dolphins +9

Ethan Sears: Panthers -9


Ethan Sears: 71-56-5

Vincent Frank: 64-63-5

Jesse Reed: 64-63-5

Michael Dixon: 60-67-5

Rachel Wold: 58-69-5

David Kenyon: 47-80-5