Talk about advanced analytics and the like. In speaking to ESPN’s Zach Lowe recently, Brooklyn Nets guard Joe Harris had a pretty stunning revelation about his organization. The former second-round pick indicated that the Nets do in fact track the color of players’ urine as a way to see whether said individual is hydrated enough.


“They even track the color of your piss,” Harris said when talking about what the training and coaching staffs look at.

Okay. So the clearer a human’s urine is, the more hydrated he/she is. We know this. It’s basic science. Once said urine turns a darker color, it’s a sign of dehydration.

Is that enough urine talk for this splendid Friday morning? Well, not exactly.

Yes, that’s Texas head football coach Tom Herman really taking interest in his players’ urine. Nicely done.

There’s no word yet on whether the Nets have a similar sign hanging over their locker room bathroom stalls.

For their part, the Nets have seemingly turned the corner under young general manager Sean Marks. He’s made two solid moves this summer, adding the likes of D’Angelo Russell and Allen Crabbe to the mix. Though, both players will be in for a rude awakening if they decide to skimp on the amount of water they drink.