Music mogul Master P has just been named president of a new co-ed professional basketball league. It’s a fitting role for a hip-hop artist that saw his NBA career die out many years ago. But for Master P, it’s seemingly all about giving women an opportunity to compete at a professional level against men.

Well, maybe it’s not all about that.

Master P, otherwise known as Percy Robert Miller, is attempting to recruit the highly enigmatic LaVar Ball to join the league.


“I want to get LaVar Ball into the league. I want to see how good he really is,” Master P said, via TMZ Sports.

This shouldn’t be considered a huge surprise. As the head of a start-up basketball league, Master P wants this organization in the news. And no matter what we think of Ball’s antics in defending and supporting his sons, he’s a highly-entertaining figure.

We already know Ball has an inflated sense of his own basketball ability. He’s also seemingly taken parting shots at women in the past. Wouldn’t it be grand to see him dominated by a female on the court? Oh, the drama that might bring to the table.

In any event, there’s no real reason to believe Ball will accept this offer. Then again, he hasn’t been one to shy away from challenges in the past.