The University of South Alabama was pleased to be constructing a brand new football training facility, which was scheduled to open later this year. Unfortunately, for reasons that are to this point unknown, that facility collapsed over the weekend.

The Jaguars Athletics Department’s Twitter account proudly displayed the progress that had been made recently.

The Athletic Director tweeted this image on Friday afternoon, just one day before the incident that took it down.

This is the scene following the collapse.

Thankfully nobody was hurt.

“No. 1, what I can say is we’re very happy that no one was hurt in the accident,” South Alabama AD Joel Erdmann said, speaking to 99.5 The Jag. “No. 2, we’re disappointed, but we’ll figure this out. And No. 3, it’s a very complex issue, and when you have issues, you want to make sure you’re communicating in a very central way, and very coordinated way.”

Needless to say, this development is a setback for the football program and the school. Hopefully it’s one that won’t be too long term.