Joey Julius, beloved for his big kicks and big hits on the gridiron as a member of Penn State’s football team, is no longer with the program.

Though, it’s clear Julius is still very much in the minds and hearts of his teammates and coaches.

Julius made a very public declaration last year that he was dealing with an eating disorder.

He bravely opened up about how he’d been dealing with this disorder for 11 years, admitting he would eat salads in front of teammates before binge eating in his room by himself.

“I would have to lay down to the point where I was so sick I couldn’t move and just lay there,” Julius said. “There were some times I would cry.”

Nine months later, Julius tweeted out a message to his followers that he’s “in full recovery” and has been discharged from treatment for a while.

Obviously, many people had been wondering if Julius was okay after it was announced he was no longer a part of the Penn State football program. It’s really great to see so much support for the former kicker, who deserves admiration for his open acknowledgement of the battle he faces every day.