There have been many reports of dysfunction within the locker room of the New York Jets in recent years. And while, at first glance, what occurred at a party between Jets teammates, Leonard Williams and Darron Lee might appear to be one more example of this, it’s not.

The person who took the videos gave a rundown of what happened at the festival during which this confrontation took place.

He says the smaller guy (Lee) was “shouting at a woman, mid-argument. He then started to manhandle her and call her names.” It took a few people to get him away from the woman, who was “obviously shaken and in tears.”

Lee then went back to confront the woman again, which is when Leonard stepped in.

This isn’t a good look for Lee. But what Leonard did obviously was fantastic.

It’s going to be interesting to see if Lee ends up in legal trouble (not to mention trouble with the NFL) for his behavior. It’s certainly unacceptable. Thankfully for him, his teammate was there to keep him from doing something even worse.