1. Aaron Judge holds commanding MLB HR lead entering June

Judge’s start not only tied an MLB rookie record for April and set a rookie record for most home runs in 25 games. Still, while that is unprecedented, hot starts for rookies are not. More often than not, rookies cool down once the veterans figure out their weak spots.

But convention simply doesn’t apply to Judge. The New York Yankees right fielder is too darn strong.

We don’t think Judge is going to cool off. In fact, we’re going the other way. By the time June 1 rolls around, he’ll be at least five home runs ahead of MLB’s next most prolific home run hitter.

The path sets up well for Judge in May. Aside from a six-game road trip against the Kansas City Royals and Tampa Bay Rays, he’s going to be hitting in traditionally home run friendly parks. That includes three games at Wrigley Field, two at the Great American Ballpark, three at Camden Yards, and of course, 11 at Yankee Stadium. A guy with Judge’s power doesn’t need short porches and jet streams, but they sure don’t hurt.

In June, July, and August, the weather gets even hotter. Pitchers get tired, balls get left up and they carry even better.

So, as good as April was and as strong as we think May will be, the best may come after that. It’s scary to think about.