Anything for a bet, right? That’s apparently the mindset of professional poker player Mike Noori, who’s going to attempt eating $1,000 worth of McDonalds food in 36 hours.

And apparently, there’s a lot of money on the line, too. Though Noori won’t be getting all of it if he manages to pull off the feat.

According to Lee Davy of, there are some interesting stipulations regarding how the money must be spent when purchasing the McDonalds food.

– Only $200 can be spent on salads.
– $300 has to be spent on hot food items ($50 of which must be burgers)
– Drinks don’t count
– Cannot remove any items from his orders
– Can add additional foodstuffs to requested items (extra bacon, etc.)
– Must eat everything that comes with the order (except the Happy Meal toy)
– He must eat the food in its original state, no blender
– Puking is ok as long as he doesn’t force the puke or puke repeatedly
– No inflated prices (I.e. Eating in McDonald’s in an airport)

This is all just too gross.

Though, per Davy, Noori has indicated he’s going to start by eating $500 worth of sliced apples. So, at least he’s going to try to be as healthy as is possible, given his circumstances.

Good luck with all that. The $300 in hot food items might be the kicker. That’s a lot of Mickie D’s. Thankfully, he won’t have to eat the Happy Meal toy.