It wasn’t necessarily a huge story during the 2016 NFL season, but it sure did make for some interesting conversations in the football world.

The then San Diego Chargers were taking on their bitter division rivals this past December in a game that meant much more for the Raiders than the Chargers.

A couple days after the incident a video surfaced of a Chargers security guard not being a master of his domain on the sideline during the game (more on that here).

Said security guard was immediately fired by Elite Show Services, the company that was employed to work games for the Chargers before they moved to Los Angeles.

Now, months after the fact, ABC 10 News in San Diego is reporting that the security guard has pleaded guilty to performing a lewd act in public.

“Team 10 has learned the man was quietly investigated, charged and sentenced after pleading guilty to a lewd act in public,” the report read. “He was sentenced to three years probation and counseling for what was listed on court documents as ‘sexual component'”.

The man, who is not being named for his own protection, had no prior criminal record and will not have to register as a sex offender.

And so closes the books on one of the most disturbing stories from the 2016 NFL season.