Philadelphia Eagles

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Carson Wentz had quite an up and down first year as a pro quarterback, which is totally expected. His Eagles got off to a hot start with three wins in a row, cooled off dramatically and then finished strong, winning their final two games.

They have a strong defensive front and added a couple of potentially game-changing weapons for Wentz in the passing game — Torrey Smith and Alshon Jeffery. But by no means are these two receivers guaranteed to make a big difference. Jeffery landed a one-year deal because he’s been unable to stay healthy and because he’s coming off a 2016 season that saw him miss four games due to a PED suspension. Smith landed a pretty lowly contract after having two miserable seasons with the San Francisco 49ers and because he is somewhat of a one-trick pony.

The team’s top defensive draft pick, Derek Barnett, is going to have to fight hard to make it into the starting lineup. Second-round cornerback Sidney Jones might end up missing most, if not all, of the 2017 season after suffering an Achilles injury at his pro day.

The team’s running back situation is just as tenuous as it was last year, meaning there could be a ton of pressure on Wentz to make the offense run smoothly. He showed himself to be a capable pro quarterback as a rookie, but he’s also a guy who could hit a sophomore slump.

Then there’s the NFC East to worry about. The Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants are both very strong, and the Washington Redskins improved their stock with an impressive draft. The Eagles could soar in 2017, especially if Wentz does. Then again, they could be relegated to last place, and nobody would be all that surprised.