Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller got some good news this week when a Los Angeles judge blocked the release of a sex tape that Elizabeth Ruiz had been trying to make public, per TMZ Sports.

“…a judge issued a permanent injunction in the case — forbidding her from not only distributing the tape … but she’s not even allowed to let anyone see it. The judge also ordered Ruiz to pay Miller $50,000 in attorney’s fees … the judge also ordered that a copy of the sex tape that Ruiz had submitted as evidence must be destroyed ASAP.”

Miller has been fighting this court battle against Ruiz for months. She claims Miller knew he was being taped and consented to it, per the report.

Miller, on the other hand, contends Ruiz has been trying to essentially blackmail him to the tune of $2.5 million (more on that here).

Per TMZ Sports, Ruiz claims it was Miller’s legal team that first approached her to make a cash offer on the tape, not the other way around. Obviously the judge here didn’t buy what Ruiz was selling.

For Miller, this was a huge win. He can now focus solely on making life miserable for opposing quarterbacks, which is something he says he’ll do better in 2017 than ever before.