Michael Jackson’s legacy is a complicated one, but it’s one New York Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is more than willing to embrace.

The star wideout showed off some new ink that features the King of Pop in extraordinary detail.

Tatted on me but tht ishh is deeper than the surface…

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It’s a depiction of Jackson as a younger man, with his signature smile.

This is a tattoo OBJ has had for at least a week, as you can see here from this post last week when the receiver was working out with none other than Johnny Manziel.

How u forget to fill up wit gas on the road to riches… @jmanziel2 @jamalliggin

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Given Beckham’s propensity for flamboyant expression and his red hot passion to rise to the top of his profession, it’s not surprising that he holds Jackson so dear.

His admiration for Jackson has been on display at times throughout his NFL career. Never afraid to celebrate, he has busted out some of Jackson’s famous dance moves after scoring touchdowns for the Giants.


(h/t Bleacher Report)