New York Mets infielder Jose Reyes has three daughters with wife Katherine Ramirez. But that has not been the only family in Reyes’ life.

Reyes also has a seven-year-old daughter with Christina Sanchez — who Brian Niemietz of New York Daily News described as Reyes ex-girlfriend. Sanchez also describes a life to indicate that she and her daughter have been like another family to Reyes in the past.

“We’d go to restaurants, go to games, go shopping, that was the life I was living,” Sanchez said, per Niemietz. “It was a double life, but I wanted him to be a father of our child.”

Sanchez and Reyes’ relationship ended in late 2015. Per Niemietz, Sanchez also claims that Reyes hasn’t seen either her or their daughter since Christmas in 2015.

“I knew once I stopped having sex with Jose he’d stop seeing our daughter,” she said, via Niemietz. “I knew it! I didn’t want to be his mistress the rest of my life. I couldn’t do that.”

Reyes was also arrested for domestic violence against his wife in late 2015.

Sanchez had been seeking a significant upgrade from Reyes in child support payments. According to a report from Roshan Abraham and Larry McShane, judge Lisa Williams recently ruled that the monthly payments of $11,500 per month would remain. That ruling was unfavorable to Sanchez, who was seeking nearly four times that.

On the field, Reyes is off to a terrible start. Through April 12, he is hitting .054/.079/.081 with only two hits and one walk. Sanchez attributes that to Reyes’ off-field issues.

“I think so,” she said, per Niemietz. “When you’re a father you’re going to have something in the back of your mind bugging you. You have to be broken inside to shun your own flesh and blood. If he does the right thing… we all make mistakes, I apologize to his wife, I as a woman want to apologize to another woman for what I did. But he hurt both of us.”

If nothing else, it is truly uncomfortable situation for all involved.