Tennessee Titans tight end Delanie Walker just concluded a nine-day trip overseas to visit the United States military. The Pro Bowler thoughtfully documented each day of his travels beginning with Day 1 when he flew from Los Angeles, California to Kuwait.

His travels took him from Kuwait to a couple of undisclosed locations in Southwest Asia. During his time in Kuwait, Walker watched a group of officers hold some NFL-type competitions including a tug of war game he supervised.

On an un-NFL related note, Walker also got to meet and work with several senior military personnel while touring tanks and Humvees.

While in Southeast Asia, he visited Patriot missile sites and learned how military dogs operate.

“Military dogs. The best. What these dogs can do is crazy,” Walker wrote, courtesy of NFL.com. “We got to meet two of them. One was an attack dog (German Shepherd) and one was a bomb-smelling dog (lab). You can adopt military dogs when they are done being in the military and I’m thinking of adopting one!”

Day 9 marked Walker’s travel time back to the United States.

“I will never forget this USO/NFL tour. I can’t thank all of the military out there enough for doing what you do. You are the ones that allow me to play football and all of us to play the sport we love. You are the ones sacrificing it all for us. You’re the real heroes. Special thank you also to the USO and all of the military bases and sites we visited. It was so eye-opening to see what’s important work is happening out here by our servicemen and women, and how it all works. I hope to go on another USO/NFL tour again. To learn more about the USO and ways you can join me in become a Force Behind the Forces visit USO.org/message.”

What an amazing message here by Walker. It is also really incredible that he took over a week off during his own personal time during the offseason to engage with our military personnel and share this message.

It is so simple to go on with our typical daily activities and to forget how much our military does for our country every single day of the year.