Selling: Reuben Foster combine snafu will cause draft-day slide

Reuben Foster is one of the NFL Draft prospects who needs to have a big pro day

From one red-flag player to another, Reuben Foster was one of the biggest losers at the NFL combine. He never even made it onto the field. Instead, while he waited in line for his medical check, the former Alabama linebacker got into a fight with one of the medical workers, resulting in a swift exit from Indy.

Apparently, despite our ignorance on the subject, this isn’t the only off-field red flag concerning the linebacker. According to one report, Foster has a background that could give teams pause about selecting him where his talent says he should go.

“Foster’s difficult past came into focus Saturday when it was reported by ESPN that he was sent home from the combine after a ‘heated argument’ with a hospital worker in Indianapolis,” wrote Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee-Wisconsins Journal Sentinel. “‘This guy is fast, explosive, the real deal,’ another scout said. ‘He may slide because of background. He’s got all kinds of stuff.’”

That being said, Foster’s pure talent and game-changing abilities on the field likely won’t affect where he lands too much. While he might not go in the top five, it’s conceivable that he’ll be selected in the top 10.

This is a guy who absolutely flies to the ball and is a three-down inside linebacker.

Again, as we’re seeing with Mixon — whose red flag is significantly more troubling — Foster’s talent will keep him from falling far, if at all, on draft day.