Washington Redskins

Unlike some of these other teams, the Redskins haven’t had a boring offseason.

They’ve added Swearinger, Stacy McGee and Terrelle Pryor, who has a lot to prove after being humbled with a one-year deal. Unfortunately for Washington, stalwarts such as, Pierre Garcon (San Francisco 49ers), DeSean Jackson and Chris Baker (both to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers) have both gone elsewhere.

Really, Washington’s disastrous offseason has even more to do with the dysfunction of the organization than it does with who’s come and gone. General manager Scot McCloughan was fired right at the onset of the free agency period. Kirk Cousins reportedly “really wants” to play for the 49ers.

A player wanting to go leave a team for San Francisco — an organization that’s had plenty of dysfunction in its own right — should be telling. Unfortunately for Cousins, a trade to the 49ers doesn’t seem to be in the works because Dan Snyder doesn’t want to help old second-hand rival, Kyle Shanahan.

So, we have an owner not making moves out of spite. If that doesn’t scream dysfunction, what does? With Snyder, the dysfunction has been going on for two decades. The current offseason is showing that an end may not be in sight, either.

Washington’s swing-and-a-miss has been different than the other teams. Still, the Redskins offseason has been unavoidably disastrous.