Former NFL running back Trent Richardson is dealing with some serious drama these days. He was recently arrested on charges of third-degree domestic violence after his ex-girlfriend and mother of his four children, Sevina Fatu, accused him of hitting her.

A month removed from that incident, Richardson has been involved in another incident, but this time he’s the alleged victim.

“Fatu had tried to call Richardson several times Monday before eventually driving to his home, according to the police report,” per Matt Zenitz of “When she arrived, Richardson and the other victim were sitting inside of Richardson’s car. They tried to leave, but were blocked in by Fatu.

“The other victim told police that Fatu eventually backed up the car, put it in drive and rammed into the passenger side of the car occupied by her and Richardson. She told police that she and Richardson then fled the car and called police after Fatu backed up and attempted to ram the vehicle again.

“Fatu left the car and returned home, where she was later arrested, according to the police report. Richardson told police that he owns the Mercedes-Benz SUV used by Fatu and lets her use it for their children.”

Fatu is reportedly still in jail as of Wednesday afternoon, being held on $6,000 bonds.

Richardson said of the first incident, “What’s out there isn’t the truth. I swear I didn’t hit her.”

He says she was the aggressor in the first incident and that she pulled out two of his dreadlocks during the scuffle. Fatu received scratches and bruises to her face, which Richardson maintains were the result of him trying to get away from her.

The former first-round pick of the Cleveland Browns hasn’t played in an NFL game since the 2014 season with the Indianapolis Colts, having been signed and released by the Oakland Raiders and Baltimore Ravens since that time.