Loser: Steelers remain stagnant 

The Pittsburgh Steelers have some incredible talent on offense. Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown are both tremendous, and what they do every week is must-watch television.

Unfortunately, the Steelers are led on offense by an aging quarterback who seriously contemplated retirement after the season. Furthermore, there is a huge gap in overall talent between this team and the top dog in the AFC. This was clearly seen when the Steelers were dismantled by the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game.

Defensively, they were solid last year but lost starting linebacker Lawrence Timmons to the Miami Dolphins. And they need cornerback help but haven’t gotten any in free agency to this point, striking out on a couple of targets.

The Steelers also lost offensive talent when Markus Wheaton left to join the Chicago Bears. Signing Justin Hunter might soften that blow, but he’s been extremely inconsistent in his career.

Essentially, Pittsburgh is still right back where it started in free agency, and that’s not a win by any measure.