1. New England Patriots trade Jimmy Garoppolo to the Cleveland Browns

Cleveland and New England have worked out multiple trades in the past, most recently one that sent Jamie Collins to the Browns last season. The two front offices seem to have a tremendous working relationship.

Despite reports to the contrary, there’s definitely a train of thought out there that New England will look to move Jimmy Garoppolo this offseason. He’s set to become a free agent following the 2017 campaign. And with Tom Brady committed to play at least three more seasons, it simply makes too much sense for the team to trade Garoppolo.

From a Browns’ standpoint, it’s not a secret they will be going hard after quarterbacks. Here’s a team that saw three different signal callers start games during a one-win 2016 campaign. Josh McCown has since been released and the team has not committed to Robert Griffin III for next season. We can do the math from here.

Recent reports suggest Cleveland would be willing to send the 12th pick to the Pats for Garoppolo. If that’s not enough for Bill Belichick and Co. to pull the trigger, maybe the Browns can add in a mid-round pick for good measure. Either way, this is a potential deal that makes too much sense for both sides.