Alshon Jeffery entered NFL free agency as one of the top available players. But on the first day of the period, he was just like a fan — turning to Adam Schefter.

Tim Rohan of MMQB was with Schefter throughout the day. At 11:09 am, Schefter got a call from Jeffery.

“In the middle of Schefter’s flurry of calls, Alshon Jeffery (49 Markman points) rings him, wanting to know how much money the other free-agent receivers are making,” Rohan reported. “Players sometimes contact Schefter with questions like this because he likely has that information even if he hasn’t reported it, as is the case here. Indeed, as they talk Schefter receives a text saying that Torrey Smith will be signing with the Eagles.”

Rohan reported that Schefter’s advice was all about guaranteed money.

“It’s all about the guarantee, Alshon,” Schefter said to Jeffrey, via Rohan. “It’s all about the guarantee … Your average per year could be $100 million. It doesn’t matter. If they’re going to guarantee you the majority of the contract, that’s what you want.”

Indeed, that’s a necessary distinction in the NFL, when standard contracts are not guaranteed.

Jeffery eventually signed with the Philadelphia Eagles on a one-year deal worth $9.5 million, with $8.75 million guaranteed.