Dirk Nowitzki

Two lucky fans could get their hands on some reasonably priced tickets when the Dallas Mavericks host the Toronto Raptors on Sunday. In picking the tickets up, though, they may have to hear a sob story.

The man who is selling the tickets was certainly willing to share his. He’s not only looking to raise money to get away from his cheating wife, but can’t quite look at Dirk Nowitzki the same way ever again.

The reasons make sense.

This is really a low blow. It’s one thing to sleep with another man’s wife. But to ruin all of his memories of Nowitzki? That’s just inhuman. The Mavericks aren’t a team with a lot of history. If a longtime Mavs fan can’t recall the Nowitzki era fondly, what basketball memories does he really have?

In truth, we can all sympathize with this poor guy’s plight. It’s easy to associate people with good and bad memories, and while Nowitzki had nothing to do with the bad memory itself, it’s understandable that the guy may not want to see his jersey again. At least so soon.

With that said, he probably could have sold the tickets without airing his dirty laundry. The Raptors are one of the NBA’s best teams. Tickets priced that well will go quickly, with or without the unfortunate back story.

Everyone has to cope in their own way, we suppose.

Michael Dixon
Bay Area born and raised, I have extensive experience in both the print and online worlds. There are few things in this world I love doing more than talking sports.