Concussions have caused another NFL player to retire early. Miami Dolphins tight end Jordan Cameron announced his retirement on Friday, citing concussions and the threat of them.

“I started thinking about concussions too much. You can’t play football like that,” Cameron said, per Pat McManamon of ESPN. “If I didn’t get concussions, I’d probably keep playing,” Cameron said. “It’s one of those things. I can’t risk my mental health in the future. I don’t have any symptoms now. I’m perfectly fine. But they can’t tell me with 100 percent certainty that if I keep playing and I get more concussions, that I’m going to be OK.”

Cameron played in only three games in 2016. His final play was an interception. When he made the tackle, Cameron got a concussion — the fourth and final of his NFL career.

Additionally, Cameron cited his young son as a reason to not take any chances regarding concussions.

“I want to be there for him,” he said, via McManamon. “And I want more kids, and I want to be present with them. I don’t want them dealing with things that we’ve seen some other guys are dealing with.”

Cameron was a member of the Cleveland Browns from 2011-2014. The 2015 and 2016 seasons were spent in Miami. He retires with 173 receptions for 2,046 yards and 14 touchdowns. Cameron’s best season came with Cleveland in 2013 when he set career highs with 80 receptions for 917 yards and seven touchdowns.