Sometimes it is all about reporting the news, rather than believing it. Therefore we bring this tidbit of information, straight from the lips of New York Giants head coach Ben McAdoo.

The Giants signed Smith a couple of weeks into free agency as a backup to quarterback Eli Manning. Apparently, Smith is already being eyed as an eventual successor to Manning, though it is important to note the “long way to go for that” distinction here.

Smith has had a tumultuous NFL career, and we concluded the entire 2013 quarterback draft class he belongs to was one of the worst ever.

But Smith’s past four years must be something that the Giants are willing to look past. In his tenure with the New York Jets, he played in only 33 games, completing just 57.9 percent of his passes while tossing 28 touchdowns compared to 36 interceptions.

Smith has also been injured and has not exactly been a squeaky-clean guy in the locker room.

Now, perhaps Smith is ready to turn a new leaf. He recently said that he is going to study every move Manning makes and take diligent notes. He also seems to be happy taking on the role of a backup.

At least McAdoo did say that it is going to take some time to get Smith up to speed. That is all fine and dandy, as long as Manning stays healthy. The veteran signal caller is 36 years old and fortunately has yet to miss a game since starting with the Giants in 2005.