One of the big surprises as we move into the third week of NFL free agency is that Adrian Peterson is not only still available but that nobody’s even really kicked the tires on the former Minnesota Vikings running back.

Trying to figure out why, Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman spoke with several NFL executives, many of whom see Peterson as a guy who has no more tread left on his tires.

“When B/R spoke to around a half-dozen team executives about Peterson, the consensus is that many teams believe he’s effectively done,” Freeman wrote. “When they watch video of Peterson, they see a player who has lost the most important part of his game: his burst.”

One anonymous NFL scout was even harsher in his critique, calling Peterson “a glorified fullback”


Still, not everyone Freeman spoke with believes the running back is completely finished. He wrote there are a few teams remaining who see Peterson as having potentially even three or four years left as a player who can make a contribution.

Perhaps one of those teams is the Green Bay Packers, who are reportedly interested in potentially adding Peterson if they still have a need after the 2017 NFL Draft (more on that here).

Overwhelmingly, however, the evidence shows teams just aren’t that interested in bringing on Peterson. And it’s not surprising. He’s a soon-to-be 32-year-old running back who missed most of last year with a knee injury and who was extremely ineffective before that injury.