Mitch Trubisky, quarterback, North Carolina

Is Mitch Trubisky the best quarterback in the 2017 NFL Draft? Some suggest he is, and he could be a No. 1 overall pick. Others may prefer DeShone Kizer’s athleticism and size, and Clemson Deshaun Watson is obviously entering the draft with a ton of hype after his championship-winning performance over Alabama.

That’s not to say Trubisky doesn’t have the talent, though. He’s a big, strong-armed quarterback who threw for 3,748 yards and 30 touchdowns in 2016, compared to just six interceptions.

The problem? Last season was his first as a starter in college football. This means that, relatively speaking, he’s entering the NFL with very little tape and minimal big-time experience. This could very well doom him to failure like it has for many others.

Ultimately, Trubisky could be the top quarterback in this draft. Then again, had he decided to return to UNC for one more season and put up one more great campaign, he could have erased any doubt. And especially in a draft that didn’t include Myles Garrett, perhaps Trubisky could have set himself up to be a consensus No. 1 overall pick.