At every level of competition, championships are often won with a little bit of luck on the side of the winning team. That was certainly the case for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, who, thanks to the Julian Edelman catch everyone’s been talking about, overcame a 25-point second-half deficit to beat the Atlanta Falcons in overtime during Super Bowl LI.

One of the most pivotal plays in the game occurred late in the fourth quarter when Edelman somehow came down with a catch that still has us in shock. Brady’s pass had been tipped into the air by Robert Alford (who had a tremendous game in defeat). Edelman never let the ball leave his sight and managed to catch it in between three Falcons defenders, miraculously hauling it in with his fingertips (watch here).

“It’s one of the greatest catches I’ve ever seen,” Brady¬†would say an hour or so later (h/t ESPN). “I don’t know how he caught it. I don’t think he does either.”

Even after a night of rest to let everything sink in, Brady was still in awe that Edelman caught the ball. He related his thoughts on the catch and game as a whole in an interview on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

There was far more than luck at play Sunday night. Brady, after getting knocked to the turf repeatedly, continued to remain calm under pressure and was at his best with the game on the line. No doubt, Edelman’s catch was a gift from the Football gods, but the Patriots certainly earned their win.

That said, it’s not surprising that Brady would rather talk down his own achievements. He’s shown nothing but class throughout this season. He also knows how much a little luck can mean in a big game like the Super Bowl, especially now that he’s the undisputed champ in terms of most won by a quarterback in NFL history.