Luke Kennard NBA draft

When it comes to the NCAA Tournament, the dirty secret is that it’s not always the best team that wins it all. Simply put, it’s the hottest team.

Momentum is everything in March Madness. That’s why a Cinderella low seed can go on to make an Elite Eight or Final Four run, and it happens almost every year. All it takes is a win or two to get things rolling, and from there, anything can happen.

Dig deeper into the actual makings of a NCAA Tournament run and you’d realize that those hot teams have at least one, if not more, hot players. These are players who can take over games, score at will and put a whole team, if not a whole run through March Madness, on their broad shoulders.

So with that said, here are the ten most dangerous scorers who will likely be in the fieldĀ as we look ahead to the 2017 NCAA Tournament.