If ever there was a clear cry for help, we’re hearing it loud and clear as it concerns former Detroit Lions linebacker Stanley Wilson II.

Wilson was arrested Saturday after allegedly attempting to break into a home.

“Police went to the Woodburn home on Saturday after being told someone was making alarming statements,” per the Associated Press. “The homeowner told authorities that former Detroit Lions cornerback Stanley Wilson II was acting erratically and tried to get into the house.”

When police arrived, Wilson emerged naked out of a woodshed in the backyard.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first or second time Wilson has been arrested for public nudity under these conditions. He was arrested in June of last year for the same thing (he was shot during the course of┬áthat incident), and then once again when he was found naked outside someone’s home in Portland just last month.

Wilson clearly needs professional help. We sincerely hope he gets some.