The NBA recently sent out a mandate to all 30 teams regarding social media interaction in the wake of a few so-called “Twitter wars” between teams.

ESPN’s Tim MacMahon scooped this story, noting the Association’s memo “cited three specific examples of material that would be inappropriate for posts on official team accounts: Disparage, belittle or embarrass an individual opponent or game official; Mimic or impersonate an opponent or game official in a negative manner; or Criticize officiating or the NBA officiating program.”

Responding to this memo, the Dallas Stars and Nashville Predators had a little bit of fun at the NBA’s expense Sunday.

Now that’s just a solid troll job right there.

The NBA overreacted to the so-called Twitter war that was started when C.J. McCollum of the Portland Trail Blazers and Chandler Parsons of the Memphis Grizzlies got into a harmless spat on Twitter.

While we understand Adam Silver wants to present a family-friendly environment, censoring what was ultimately quite a funny exchange comes across as petty and trivial.