Los Angeles Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa is only entering his first NFL offseason after a rookie year that saw him notch 41 tackles, one forced fumble, and an impressive 10.5 sacks. He likely has a very bright future in the NFL and he’s going to be a big part of his franchise for the foreseeable future. That is, presumably, if he can get along with his next coach.

He just threw his former head coach, Mike McCoy, under the bus. And one has to wonder how that’s going to impact the trust his new head coach, Anthony Lynn, has in him.

After all, if Bosa is willing to talk smack about his old coach, who’s to say Lynn won’t be next?

Here’s the situation.

According to Jordan Carruth of 1090 AM, Bosa was on ESPN discussing the Chargers’ close losses from this past season.

Marty Caswell of the same station picked up this quote from the Chargers’ defensive end:

“We needed [a] strong head coach to come in & make players take accountability for what they do, which there wasn’t enough of last year.”

There’s obviously a few ways to look at this, so first, let’s give Bosa the benefit of the doubt.

He’s a young NFL star who obviously feels some responsibility to be a vocal leader for his organization. It’s a franchise going through a huge, emotional change, keep in mind, so he likely feels someone needs to step up.

On the other hand, how does Bosa throwing McCoy under the bus help the now Los Angeles Chargers?

This is a franchise trying to create a new start in a new city and one of its stars just took a huge shot at a major part of its past. That’s a big storyline and it’s something that won’t go away quickly. It’s likely something that will create an even bigger rift between San Diego and Los Angeles. And right now, that’s a fan base that doesn’t need any more reason to dislike the Chargers, who just left them hanging.

And finally, there is Lynn to think of.

His star defensive player just put a whole lot of blame on his old head coach when things went wrong. Lynn, entering his first year with the Chargers, doesn’t need that kind of trust issue, but now he may not have a choice but to watch his back when dealing with Bosa.

It wasn’t something Bosa had to say and it doesn’t help his team, his organization or his new head coach.

It’s a lose-lose situation for Joey Bosa and the Chargers.