Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn was in command of the biggest Super Bowl meltdown in history, but he remains convinced he made the right calls down the stretch.

“Dan Quinn said he doesn’t regret the calls after reviewing the Super Bowl film. He regrets the outcome of those plays,” ESPN’s Vaughn McClure passed along.

It’s hard to take this comment at face value.

Atlanta’s defense was absolutely shredded during the second half of Super Bowl LI and into overtime. Tom Brady was surgical after a rough start, and it was clear New England made necessary adjustments to combat what the Falcons were doing early.

Conversely, it was clear Atlanta’s coaching staff was behind the eight ball during that critical stretch — a stretch that saw the Falcons blow a 25-point lead.

In addition to the defensive meltdown that occurred, the Falcons made the huge mistake of only running the ball five times in the second half, despite the fact that Devonta Freeman was red hot running the ball.

Clearly, mistakes were made from a coaching standpoint.

Still, it’s easy to understand why Quinn doesn’t want to admit his calls, and those of his coaching staff, were a big reason why the Falcons lost the Super Bowl. That said, it’s always better to face the truth rather than hide from it.