Toronto Raptor’s point guard Cory Joseph has been struggling and his team has been struggling as well.

Starting off the season 8-5, Toronto went on to lose five games in a row, and the Raptors have been an average 3-3 since. Joseph put up 33 points in a win at Brooklyn in mid-January and he had outings of 10 and 15 points in losses to San Antonio and Memphis, respectively. Since then, his numbers have really declined, though, and as a result, so have his minutes.

Joseph only played seven minutes in the loss to Orlando, and he didn’t score a single point. In Toronto’s last game, a 103-95 win over Brooklyn, Joseph didn’t play at all.

The sixth-year pro is obviously seeing his role on the team deteriorate. Surprisingly, it doesn’t seem to be bugging him too much, at least outwardly. After the game against Orlando, Joseph spoke with Ryan Wolstat of the Toronto Sun about head coach Dwane Casey going with Fred Van Fleet in favor of him for much of the game. Per Wolstat, Casey’s reasoning was that Joseph needed a “mental blow”.

Joseph didn’t agree with that, but he decided to stay true to his roots in his answer.

“I don’t think I need a mental break. My mind is strong,” Joseph said, per the Toronto Sun. “From my understanding, he wanted to give Fred a shot and you know, give Fred praise. He went in there, played his ass off, and we continued to go with him. He had a hell of a game, you know what I mean? I don’t know why people want me to be like a hater or something, or (sulk). That’s not me. I’m not a hater, nor do I sulk, that’s un-Canadian-like. I don’t do that.”

Joseph is a home-town hero for the Raptors. He played college ball at Texas but he was born in Canada — a country known for its polite nationals.

Canadian’s are notoriously non-haters. They’re the type of people who would apologize for you to something that you did to them, and that’s a great thing. As a whole, Canada is much more laid back than its neighbors down South, and you can see that mentality in Joseph’s response.

He’s not going to trash his teammate, a rookie, and he’s not going to sulk about it like other spoiled veterans may tend to do.

He’s going to deal with it like a true Canadian.

And sure, this is borderline becoming a meme, but his response is respectable none the less.