It’s an honor get an to get an invitation to meet with the President of the United States at the White House. But, it must have been a horrific embarrassment for ex NFL punter Steve Weaterford to shake the hand of Barack Obama with his rear end hanging out of his pants.

Weatherford is so ripped, literally, that his muscular quad busted the seam of his pants just as he arrived to the White House.

TMZ Sports caught up with Weatherford after the wardrobe malfunction and asked him if anyone attempted to lend him a pair of pants. Weatherford’s answer was quite priceless when he said nobody had a spare pair that would fit his “26 inch quads with a 31 inch waist.”

There wasn’t much to be done about the situation. So instead, Weatherford joked to the camera men behind him and said “just letting it all hang out at the White House.” Thankfully, he chose to wear his “pretty undies” from Tommy John underneath.

Weatherford was part of a hand-selected group of social media influencers asked to meet with Obama on how to put their media platforms to positive use, per the report.

The ex-New York Giant and Super Bowl champion is a fitness freak, so to speak. His Instagram is filled with images of himself at the gym, exercising with his family and posts of his nutritional habits.

Your current situation does NOT predict your future outcome…. You willingness to WORK is. Are you willing to show up early, stay up late, and put in the work that no one else is? Because that is exactly how you 'earn' the right to control your destiny. _ The picture I posted Friday was where I was after 18 years on my fitness journey. I was strong, I was lean, I was athletic, but I wasn't satisfied…. I always wanted to be able to put on a T-Shirt and fill up the sleeves. Sounds silly, but it was my goal. I put in an INSANE amount of work in over the past 11.5 months. But I have also been able to reap the reward of that grind. _ There is only one way to separate yourself from everyone else out there….. HARD HARD WORK I love this quote, "There's no traffic jams on the 'extra mile'" Go the distance, take yourself to limit, then push past it. We are all so much more capable then can ever realize.

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