Odell Beckham Jr. was in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons this postseason, yet Dez Bryant thinks the New York Giants need more players like him in order to win.

Beckham first got things started on the wrong foot when his very public trip to Miami proved to be media fodder and ultimately a distraction for his team leading up to the Wild Card Game against the Green Bay Packers.

Then the star receiver no-showed in that game, getting shut down by the No. 31-ranked pass defense in the league to the tune of four catches for just 28 yards. Afterwards, a thoroughly dejected Beckham Jr. punched a hole in a wall at Lambeau Field, prompting some stern words from his coach.

Still, despite all that, Bryant thinks the Giants would be better off if more players were like Beckham Jr.

It’s understandable that Bryant, an emotional player in his own right, wants to defend Beckham Jr.

The truth is that, due to things like his inability to control himself on Sundays — getting into fights, incurring personal foul penalties and throwing huge tantrums on the sidelines — he’s developed a reputation as a crybaby.

Granted, there are others in the NFL, such as Tom Brady to give one prominent example, who also have meltdowns on the field and on the sidelines. And they aren’t met with nearly the same type of widespread criticism. But when you consider Beckham’s penchant for getting more than a bit physical with cornerbacks who challenge him (watch here), it’s not surprising there is a negative perception attached to the young man.

Many players that have run a bit hot under the collar have learned to temper their emotions so as to play at their best under pressure and not hurt their teams. This is clearly something Beckham Jr. has to work on if he’s going to develop his potential to its fullest. That said, if he ever does accomplish this, he’ll be an unstoppable force for his team.