Tim Tebow will stage a workout on Tuesday, showing off his baseball talents to MLB teams. According to Jon Morosi, this is considered a big event within the industry.

It’s not surprising that this is a big event. Tebow is certainly a big name and a great athlete. Multiple teams have already said they’ll be there to watch him.

Former MLB pitcher David Aardsma has seen Tebow play and been impressed by his game. That’s obviously not enough for a MLB team to offer a contract, but it’s more than enough for a team to send a scout. If most teams do that, it becomes a big event.

It is, however, somewhat surprising that a team would have multiple scouts there. What exactly are they expecting to see from Tebow that one scout couldn’t analyze?

The purpose of this workout isn’t to get Tebow a contract as soon as possible. Rather, it’s basically to see if Tebow has something that resembles a Major League skill set.

If he’s deemed to, any team could call him to set up additional workouts. That certainly seems like something one scout could handle.