Courtesy of Lauren Petracca, USA Today Sports

As the 2016 NBA Finals set to tip off Thursday in Oakland, multiple presidential candidates are touring through the state of California in an attempt to win their party’s primary election ahead of November’s general election.

Heck, Democratic nominee Bernie Sanders found himself among Dub Nation as the Golden State Warriors closed out the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference Finals on Monday night.

Sanders, along with fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton and presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump should all be playing close attention to the 2016 NBA Finals between the Western Conference champion Warriors and Eastern Conference champions Cleveland Cavaliers.

Here’s why (via Reddit).


Yes, you read that right.

Of the past seven Democrats to be elected President of the United States, all won the general in years that the Eastern Conference came out on top in the NBA Finals.

If you’re a fan of Hillary or support Bernie, you probably should be rooting for LeBron James and Co. in the Finals. Of course, that’s all dependent on whether you actually believe the direction of this country is more important than the success of your favorite team.

California, a state that votes blue in presidential elections, could have somewhat of a mighty big conflict here. Is the Warriors winning worth four years of Trump?

Of course, this is all tongue in cheek. In no way does that make it less interesting.