Free agent running back Arian Foster is still not quite satisfied with his health as he recovers from the Achilles injury that cost him most of the 2015 campaign.

Speaking about his recovery timetable, Foster said he’s still not where he’d like to be right now.

“I probably need another month to get where I am the person everyone is use to seeing,” Foster told KTRK in Houston. “I can definitely play but I need another month to be where I want to be and be at that Pro Bowl level I can be at.”

Just last week, it was reported that Foster would be in shape to pass a physical in one or two weeks. Based on the language Foster is using here, it appears that timeline is probably still intact.

When healthy, there aren’t many NFL running backs who can hold a candle to Foster as an overall back. Whether you’re talking about running, catching or blocking, he can do it all. Over the course of his seven-year career, Foster has gained 6,472 rushing yards, 2,268 receiving yards and 68 total touchdowns.

The biggest issue teams will be looking at is whether or not Foster has regained the explosiveness necessary to break through a tight hole. Achilles injuries are known for being tricky to recover from, though all signs thus far have pointed to a successful recovery for the running back.

Foster had a tentative meeting with the Miami Dolphins during the free-agency signing period but was nowhere near ready to show what he can do post-surgery.

There will almost certainly be a spot available to him at some point on one of the 32 NFL teams, but nobody should be surprised if Foster remains unsigned heading into training camp. Once bodies start flying, though, the need will arise for at least a few teams to sign a veteran back as others fall by the wayside.