Mike Trout, Albert Pujols and other Los Angeles Angels participated in some shootaround activities with Draymond Green, Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors.

While they were there, Trout took on and beat Green in a friendly game of P-I-G, which is just a shorter version of H-O-R-S-E. Here’s a look at the game-winning shot, which was a swish from behind the arc.

Now, if the two were actually balling on the court, running around trying to stop one another, we can all agree Trout wouldn’t have a chance against Green.

But in a pure shooting affair, the man who is best known for bashing homers and running down balls no human should be able to reel in on the baseball diamond outplayed the most diverse basketball player on the planet.

For his part, Green wasn’t upset about being bested by Trout.

The Warriors are staying loose right now with history staring them right in the face.

Wednesday, with the entire basketball world watching, Golden State will host the Memphis Grizzlies for a chance to win No. 73 on the season. If Green, Curry and the rest of the Warriors can pull off one more win, they will eclipse the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls as the best regular-season team of all time.

And thanks to our gracious loser in this story, an underprivileged child from Oakland will be attending the game, courtesy of Green, in what will surely be a memory that will last a lifetime.