The Albuquerque Isotopes will be honoring the show Better Call Saul this summer with an incredible promotion that needs to be seen to be believed.

That’s quite the jersey.

This is a perfect tribute to Better Call Saul, as it and Breaking Bad (the show it spun off of) are both set in Albuquerque. This is also not the first pop culture tribute done by the Isotopes, whose very name stems from an episode of The Simpsons.

Good luck to any Isotopes’ opponents, who will need to find a way to maintain focus with Bob Odenkirk giving them the evil eye. Given how strict baseball’s uniform rules can be, it will be amusing to see if any opposing manager’s try to challenge the legality of these jerseys.

Also, while we’d never encourage violence, the entertainment value of a bench clearing brawl when half of the combatants are wearing that shirt is pretty darned high.