Joe Flacco

Joe Flacco can now call himself a golf course owner. The Baltimore Ravens quarterback and native of New Jersey joined up with Ron Jaworski and a few others to purchase the Ramblewood Country Club in Mount Laurel, N.J.

According to John George of the Philadelphia Business Journal, this is the seventh golf course acquisition by Ron Jaworski Golf.

Jaworski’s growing company purchased the course from the Goodwin family, which owned the course for 50-plus years, per the report.

Smartly, they are retaining John Goodwin to stay on as the general manager and are closing down the course for the first quarter of the 2016 season for renovations to both the clubhouse and course.

For Flacco, this represents an opportunity to invest close to home in a long-term project that has the potential to provide wealth for himself and his family long after his NFL playing days are over.

Even more than that, he’ll have a premium golf course to play, free of charge, whenever he wants.

Golf is a sport that has pulled Flacco into its bosom in recent years, but for reasons that may surprise you. In an interview with the Baltimore Sun back in 2013, he revealed his retirement dreams, which revolve around his two children.

“I’m going to try to get my kid involved in golf and maybe try to get my kid to try to qualify for the PGA Tour. That’s my dream,” Flacco said. “Maybe in another 20 years, I can be retired and me and my wife can travel around and watch my kid or a couple of my kids play golf. That would be the dream.”

Perhaps this investment is more about the kids, then, than about anything else.

No doubt Flacco’s young children will turn into country club kids in no time. And just maybe, the Ramblewood Country Club will give birth to one or two lanky pro golfers one of these days.